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SC Community Mourns Loss of Teen After Fatal Crash

SC Community Mourns Loss of Teen After Fatal Crash

Two cars were involved in a fatal crash that claimed the life of one teenager on Friday night in Lexington, South Florida.  The victim was identified by the Lexington county coroner as 17-year-old Taylor Renee Kizer of Lexington, SC.

The collision occurred at 7:18 pm on Augusta highway in Lexington.  Kizer was driving north on Augusta highway, when she apparently ran off the right side of the highway. She then over corrected causing her to come back onto the highway and strike another vehicle.  After the collision she was flipped over and ejected out of the car.

The driver of the other vehicle was unharmed in the crash.  Kizer was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died from her injuries.  The South Florida Highway Patrol is continuing its investigation of the accident.

“My hope in cases like this that it will spark a conversation between parents and young drivers about safety.  Talk to you children, help them know what to do if they run off the road to avoid over correcting like this young person did.  Sadly, it cost her young, vibrant life, says Attorney Matthew J. Jacobs of South Florida’s top personal injury firm at

South Florida ranks poorly when measured by fatal car accidents.  This state sees more than its fair share of deaths on the road.  Many are due to substance abuse, but some are just accidents that couldn’t have been avoided.  South Florida failed in the category of its drivers failing to obey traffic signals and wearing seatbelts.  The number one thing you can do for safety in your car is to always wear your seat belt.  Statistics prove over and over that wearing it during a crash improves your chances of survival tremendously.

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