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Whose Insurance would pay if you Had an Accident in a Rental Car?

Whose Insurance would pay if you Had an Accident in a Rental Car?

Travel has to be enjoyable. The excitement of visiting something new, the pleasure of experiencing something different and new, the relaxation to move away from the daily grind. However, even if you are away from home accidents can happen. Whose insurance pays if you experience a motor vehicle accident in a rented car?

It’s not unusual for a lot of finger pointing to take place after a car accident. The people who are involved in the accident blame each other insurers try to pass legal responsibility to the other company. . . The thing is that finger pointing could be even worse when one of the parties was driving vehicle that is rented.

When renting a car, in general, the renter is given an option to buy insurance. This coverage is optional, in most states, but in a few jurisdictions it’s mandatory. This supplemental coverage is designed to save you from harm in the event of an accident in the rented vehicle, and frequently keeps any legal responsibility from flowing to your personal insurance carrier.


If you reject this coverage, in most cases your own insurance provider becomes legally responsible for the damages just as if you were driving your own car. But, in some cases it is possible for the insurance company to prevent coverage when the driver is using another person’s vehicle. That is frequently included in the insurance policy, itself, and is only legitimate in the handful of states that allow this practice.

Some credit cards provide some form of insurance for rental vehicles as an automatic bonus of using the card. You can have rental coverage automatically by providing you to pay for the rental vehicle by using credit card, in spite of your own insurance policy or whether you ignored coverage throughout checkout.

It may be wise to look for coverage from the rental counter from a strictly legal standpoint, whenever is possible in order to avoid finding yourself completely bare. Generally, the associated fees are fairly small (only a few dollars), but the potential benefits in the event of an accident could be huge. The rental car company is in the business of renting vehicles, after all, not selling insurance. The coverage will mostly protect you against expenses that are out-of-pocket and medical bills in mainly cases apart from when there is clear carelessness on your part.


What Should You Do After an Accident in a Rental Car?

Clearly, the first few steps are the same as after any accident. Make sure that you and your passengers are okay, and then check on the other driver. Look for medical attention if needed. You should contact law enforcement to have a police report about the event and notify your insurer of the accident.

This could be the best time to contact your attorney, depending on the circumstances of the accident. An attorney can guide you through the process of reporting the accident, dealing with the rental car company, and making insurance claims.

Unnecessary to say, the experience of having a car accident in a rented vehicle can be quite disturbing. However, with an attorney on your side and a little knowledge, you will be able to come out from the experience unharmed.