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SC Community Mourns Loss of Teen After Fatal Crash

SC Community Mourns Loss of Teen After Fatal Crash

Two cars were involved in a fatal crash that claimed the life of one teenager on Friday night in Lexington, South Florida.  The victim was identified by the Lexington county coroner as 17-year-old Taylor Renee Kizer of Lexington, SC.

The collision occurred at 7:18 pm on Augusta highway in Lexington.  Kizer was driving north on Augusta highway, when she apparently ran off the right side of the highway. She then over corrected causing her to come back onto the highway and strike another vehicle.  After the collision she was flipped over and ejected out of the car.

The driver of the other vehicle was unharmed in the crash.  Kizer was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died from her injuries.  The South Florida Highway Patrol is continuing its investigation of the accident.

“My hope in cases like this that it will spark a conversation between parents and young drivers about safety.  Talk to you children, help them know what to do if they run off the road to avoid over correcting like this young person did.  Sadly, it cost her young, vibrant life, says Attorney Matthew J. Jacobs of South Florida’s top personal injury firm at

South Florida ranks poorly when measured by fatal car accidents.  This state sees more than its fair share of deaths on the road.  Many are due to substance abuse, but some are just accidents that couldn’t have been avoided.  South Florida failed in the category of its drivers failing to obey traffic signals and wearing seatbelts.  The number one thing you can do for safety in your car is to always wear your seat belt.  Statistics prove over and over that wearing it during a crash improves your chances of survival tremendously.

 There are times when accidents are simply unavoidable.  If you have been involved in a car accident through no fault of your own that left you with injuries and mounting medical bills, the first step is securing a good personal injury attorney so that you receive compensation for your medical bills and suffering.  Often times people are left to deal with physical wounds that need to heal and mounting money issues also need attention.  Contact a personal injury attorney so they can evaluate your case and direct you towards the right solution.  They will likely schedule a consultation so they can review in detail your best options.  If the attorney determines that a lawsuit is the best option, then they will begin to file the necessary paper work and navigate the confusing legal process for you.  Your attorney will stay by your side the entire time and likely be able to settle your case during the negotiation phase of the lawsuit.  Personal injury attorneys will agree that most cases are settled during this time.

Let your personal injury John Bales Attorneys fight for your rights and get the compensation you deserve after dealing with a tragic accident or death.   Don’t try to do this alone, let us help!


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What to expect in a personal injury trial in Florida?

What to expect in a personal injury trial in Florida?

Though a large portion of us would like to abstain from documenting a claim or going to court, it is once in a while important to seek after suit to get full esteem for your case. Claims generally get to be important when there are conflicts with the other party’s insurance agency over who was at flaw for a accident or how genuine the wounds are. Make sure not to sign any records, or put forth any expressions, composed or oral, without counseling and audit of a lawyer. It is vital to go to all booked medical checkups to report your wounds. Precise records ought to be kept of time you missed from work, doctor’s visit expenses, and property harm repairs. You can report your harms with photos of your wounds or photographs of property harm.


After a claim has been recorded, both sides will direct revelation. Pretrial revelation normally takes around a full year amid which time both sides research all parts of the case. This may incorporate taking oral testimonies, getting germane records, propounding interrogatories, and contracting master witnesses to acquire more confirmation about the case.

Settlement Process

settlement process for personal injuryAmid this time of disclosure and as the trial date approaches, the gatherings will trade settlement offers/requests. A huge lion’s share of personal damage cases settle before trial. In the event that you consent to acknowledge a settlement, you will be obliged to consent to an arrangement expressing you exculpate the other party of all further obligation for this situation. The law of personal damage is concerned with figuring out who may be subject for your wounds and the amount they ought to be obliged to pay for your harms. Personal damage is a piece of the law of torts, the legitimate term that incorporates a wide range of wounds to personals and their property. There are various standards that apply to the law of torts and personal damage. These standards perceive degrees of issue from the personal who causes the harm. When all is said in done, the degrees of shortcoming can be portrayed as negligence, purposeful flaw, and strict obligation.


Negligence is a term that is fundamental to tort law. Personals are required to act sensibly and take conventional consideration to guarantee that their activities or the activities of others under their control, don’t result in mischief. In the event that they fall beneath that standard, and somebody is harmed or their property harmed subsequently, then they get to be careless. Negligence does not imply that the personal deliberately proposed to cause hurt; it essentially implies that they didn’t take sensible care or go about as a sensible personal would have. The level of consideration changes with the circumstances of every case. In like manner, an offended party has an obligation to practice sensible care considering the present situation all alone sake.


Strict Liability

Strict risk expresses that one does not need to demonstrate negligence to recuperate harms. On account of item risk, the law now holds that you don’t need to demonstrate the producer was careless if somebody is harmed while utilizing an item. They just need to demonstrate the item was inadequate when it cleared out the hands of the specific merchant and that it was the proximate reason for the wounds. A claim can be gotten against anybody taking the chain of production for that item, including the maker, architect, or the retail location.

-source :, the company i currently intern in.

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Train driver compensated after workplace accident

Train driver compensated after workplace accident

Train drivers damaged by track suicides will lose their rights to pay, unions cautioned yesterday. What’s more staff struck by yobs and admission dodgers will pass up a great opportunity with changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation plan experiencing Parliament not long from now. Shop workers will likewise be hindered as littler cases averaging 1,000 pounds are cut out, said union USDAW. The legislature needs to confine remuneration installments to just thosemisery genuine damage to shave 50m pounds off the yearly 449m pounds bill. A huge number of casualties of wrongdoing, including shop workers confronting furnished criminals or assaults by teens declined offers of liquor or tobacco, face missing out on littler cases averaging 1,000 pounds.


A train driver, who cracked his calf bone when he stumbled and fell while strolling at St. Pancras Station, has secured 20,000 pounds in pay. The ASLEF part was advised by his managers to leave his train in the sidings, a short extend of rail track used to store a train, which implied he needed to stroll along a pathway that runs neighboring the rail line. As he did as such, he stumbled on a retainer barricade that was staying and fell. In the fall the 56-year-old broke his left calf bone and separated his lower leg joint. He burned through nine evenings in clinic, six weeks in a cast and needed to utilize bolsters for four months. At last he was constrained off work for just about six months. Taking after the accident, the train driver of over 40 years reached his exchange union, ASLEF, who educated Thompsons Solicitors to explore a case of remuneration for their part.

aslefThe man said: “My foot got on the board and the moment torment to my lower leg was horrific. Despite everything I’m feeling the impacts today, my leg throbs continually. “In spite of working for the organization for a long time and notwithstanding my being harmed after their guideline on where to leave the train, I didn’t have a solitary telephone call from my manager while I was debilitated. I don’t feel I was treated with the admiration I merited after such a variety of years of administration.” Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, said: “Our part has been a persevering train driver for over four decades however he was failed by his executive.

“A basic danger evaluation would have highlighted the potential peril that a board projecting from level ground could posture. Rather, the danger was disregarded and our part endured a traumatic accident and wounds that keep on creating disturbance to his life.” A. Staples, said: “It’s really truly straightforward for organizations to stop accidents like this incident: verify that there aren’t barricades bulging out to excursion workers and in the event that they are either dispose of them, signpost them or don’t demand representatives stroll past them. Working environment wellbeing gauges and regulations are set up for a reason, and organizations that decide to disregard them ought to be considered responsible.”

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The Most Dangerous California Highways in Orange County for Personal Injury Car Accidents

The Most Dangerous California Highways in Orange County for Personal Injury Car Accidents

Just in 2012, there were more than 20 000 accident exploited people murdered or harmed in Orange County. While expressways appear to be as though they’d be the most risky, just around 33% of the fatalities and genuine wounds happen on the interstates. The larger part of people murdered in Orange County accidents lose their lives on streets.There is the list of  most hazardous crossing points and parkways in Orange County where you’re well on the way to have your in the first place, next or last accident. This article has been contributed to this blog by johnbales law firm.

Accident Statistics for Orange County

orange-county-motorcycle-accident-lawyerThree years ago, Orange County, had 20224 people injured or killed in accidents. 2 046 were accidents in which liquor was included. 9077 were bike accidents, 9011 were person on foot accidents, and 1461 were bike accidents. The rest were auto and truck accidents.  4762 of the accidents in Orange County were velocity related accidents, 1605 were accidents which occurred around evening time and 1062 were so called “hit and run” accidents. While the roads dependably appear to be more perilous, maybe in light of the fact that activity moves so gradually during surge hours, just a third or somewhere in the vicinity of the fatalities and genuine damage accidents seem to happen on state and interstate thruways and expressways. The dominant part of individuals killed  in accidents tragically lose their lives on surface boulevards. So where are the most perilous thruways and crossing points for fatalities and wounds in Orange County? This is the thing that exploration has uncovered.

Santiago Canyon Road

Once known as “the street of death,” Santiago Canyon Road may well be one the most hazardous roadways and the crossing point where it crosses Jamboree Road and transforms into Chapman Avenue has in the past been the most risky convergence as indicated by the Orange County Register.

6a00d8341c630a53ef014e6004687d970cThe Ortega Highway

Otherwise called 74State Route, the Ortega Highway has the notoriety of being one of Orange County’s most dangerous expressways, particularly for motorcyclists. With hair clip turns, open extends, wonderful mountain landscape and renowned watering openings, the thruway is a fascination for motorcyclists with destructive results.

Laguna Canyon Road

Since quite a while ago thought to be one of Orange County’s most risky roadways, Laguna Canyon Road through the years has been the scene of numerous lethal accidents regularly in the early hours of the morning and numerous including inebriated or weakened drivers.

Which Is Orange County’s Most Dangerous Highway, Street or Interstate Freeway?

The most unsafe street in Orange County is the road or interstate you’re voyaging when you get to be occupied, when you’ve sleepy and you’re speeding far in abundance of the posted rate limit, when you’ve had a couple of beyond any reasonable amount to drink, when you neglect to keep a safe separation, when you neglect to drive protectively or permit street anger to take control of your feelings. For that is the point at which you’re well on the way to have your to begin with, your next or your last accident.

Provided  that you’ve been harmed and need an individual harm attorney for an auto collision in Orange County for an auto, truck, bike, bike or walker accident, for a grave bite of the dog  or for the losing  a friend or family member from a deadly vehicle accident in Orange County or anyplace all through California, call a local ​clearwater auto accident attorney.

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Does Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Stand Up In a Personal Injury Case?

Does Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Stand Up In a Personal Injury Case?

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is most likely a standout amongst the most disputable and unpredictable bits of enactment I have seen in my 25 years of lawful experience as a rehearsing lawyer in Florida. This law makes ”insusceptibility” from criminal indictment for the personals who use “reasonable power,” including “destructive power,” to safeguard themselves from somebody who is utilizing “inescapable… unlawful power.” Found in Florida Statute Section 776, it got to be scandalous by George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin trial.

Not long from now, how the Stand Your Own Ground Law safeguard can be utilized as a part of a common claim was translated by a Florida re-appraising court. The case included an personal harm guarantee that rose up out of a criminal case, where the State of Florida charged Jose Alvarez, a Miami roofer, with disturbed battery with a dangerous weapon for extremely beating his collaborator, Derrick Roy F., with a slugging stick. The assault happened at their spot of work, a material organization called Professional Roofing and Sales, placed in Miami.


In the criminal transactions, the trial judge led an evidentiary listening to that included affirmation from both Mr. Alvarez and his wife, and additionally Mr. Flemmings. He released the case, and found that Mr. Alvarez’s utilization of the slugger was advocated under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law.

While the criminal case was pending, Mr. Flemmings documented his own personal damage claim straightforwardly against Mr. Alvarez and their business, the material organization for attack, battery, carelessness and purposeful curse of enthusiastic pain, and additionally for carelessly enlisting and holding Mr. Alvarez as its representative.

In the personal harm case, Mr. Alvarez and Professional Roofing tried to release the common claim on the premise of his absolution in the criminal case and by declaring that the Stand Your Ground Law ought to serve as a flat out legitimate safeguard. The common trial judge denied the litigants’ movement, without directing an evidentiary hearing, so Mr. Alvarez and the Professional Roofing offered.

The Third District Court of Appeal re-appraising court switched the trial judge’s refusal to release the case referring to Colorado law since Florida’s has not yet not tended to the common risk of the Stand Your Ground Law.

The choice to switch the trial court was situated to some extent on the way that the criminal case is included the State of Florida as the griping party against Mr. Alvarez, as opposed to the common personal damage claim, where Mr. Flemmings is the offended party against both Mr. Alvarez and Professional Roofing. The court contemplated that this absence of “commonality of gatherings” was a missing “basic component” that blocked a common case being certain to a criminal trial judge’s choice to allow insusceptibility.

Nonetheless, as they would like to think the redrafting judges give a guide with clear headings in respect to how this case and future personal damage cases ought to apply the Stand Your Ground Law barrier; by obliging an evidentiary listening to where a common trial judges will be obliged to “measure authentic debate” by inspecting the real confirmation to figure out whether a respondent is qualified for the resistance presented by the Stand Your Ground Law.

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Whose Insurance would pay if you Had an Accident in a Rental Car?

Whose Insurance would pay if you Had an Accident in a Rental Car?

Travel has to be enjoyable. The excitement of visiting something new, the pleasure of experiencing something different and new, the relaxation to move away from the daily grind. However, even if you are away from home accidents can happen. Whose insurance pays if you experience a motor vehicle accident in a rented car?

It’s not unusual for a lot of finger pointing to take place after a car accident. The people who are involved in the accident blame each other insurers try to pass legal responsibility to the other company. . . The thing is that finger pointing could be even worse when one of the parties was driving vehicle that is rented.

When renting a car, in general, the renter is given an option to buy insurance. This coverage is optional, in most states, but in a few jurisdictions it’s mandatory. This supplemental coverage is designed to save you from harm in the event of an accident in the rented vehicle, and frequently keeps any legal responsibility from flowing to your personal insurance carrier.


If you reject this coverage, in most cases your own insurance provider becomes legally responsible for the damages just as if you were driving your own car. But, in some cases it is possible for the insurance company to prevent coverage when the driver is using another person’s vehicle. That is frequently included in the insurance policy, itself, and is only legitimate in the handful of states that allow this practice.

Some credit cards provide some form of insurance for rental vehicles as an automatic bonus of using the card. You can have rental coverage automatically by providing you to pay for the rental vehicle by using credit card, in spite of your own insurance policy or whether you ignored coverage throughout checkout.

It may be wise to look for coverage from the rental counter from a strictly legal standpoint, whenever is possible in order to avoid finding yourself completely bare. Generally, the associated fees are fairly small (only a few dollars), but the potential benefits in the event of an accident could be huge. The rental car company is in the business of renting vehicles, after all, not selling insurance. The coverage will mostly protect you against expenses that are out-of-pocket and medical bills in mainly cases apart from when there is clear carelessness on your part.


What Should You Do After an Accident in a Rental Car?

Clearly, the first few steps are the same as after any accident. Make sure that you and your passengers are okay, and then check on the other driver. Look for medical attention if needed. You should contact law enforcement to have a police report about the event and notify your insurer of the accident.

This could be the best time to contact your attorney, depending on the circumstances of the accident. An attorney can guide you through the process of reporting the accident, dealing with the rental car company, and making insurance claims.

Unnecessary to say, the experience of having a car accident in a rented vehicle can be quite disturbing. However, with an attorney on your side and a little knowledge, you will be able to come out from the experience unharmed.

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